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Our Return to Curacao - 8 Years in the Making

Updated: Feb 3

Over 8 years ago I visited Curaçao with family and friends in order to launch a reconnection with my mother's birthplace - a place she left at nine years old and had never truly returned to. Montserrat is where my mother's family is originally from, but the experience that she and her siblings had in Curaçao molded them into the multi-lingual, multi-cultural beings that they are.

When we visited Curaçao over 8 years ago, we reconnected with Curaçao in unimaginable ways - bonding with a set of my mother's first cousins and their families. Over 8 years later we are returning to Curacao, not just to re-immerse ourselves in our culture, but to launch an immersion with the world into the power of multi-culture. Over 8 years later we are returning to Curaçao to reconnect with the memories from last time, reconnect with the loved ones we gained (some having have left the earth sooner than we anticipated and are watching over us in spirit ) and to build new memories that will have a lasting impact.

Over 8 years later here we are. I'm proud of where we've been and excited for the journey ahead. Follow along. We promise it'll be worth your attention.

Here we are! We are BLACUIT.

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