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2022 BLACUIT Stops!

Two years ago I had the idea of re-immersing myself into the cultures of my maternal and paternal lands. Places with rich cultures and history. They are places that have come to be through the forced spreading of African people across the western world. They are complex places, and a huge reason I am who I am.

A global pandemic halted that plan, which I planned to launch in March 2020. All things happen as they should, because between now and then I have founded a nonprofit focused on celebrating and elevating multi-culture, and that initial paternal cultural immersion tour has blossomed into a Black Atlantic Cultural Immersion Tour.

While a pandemic improves, but still persists, we are trying this launch again, as safe as possible. Instead of just our family, we are taking the world with us.

Follow along! Learn and grow with us. Our first stop is in the Dutch Caribbean - Curaçao.

We are focused on elevating our culture, Black culture, multi-culture, human culture.

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